Testing Zend Framework 2 code which uses a HTTP Request object.

Yesterday I was trying to test that the ServiceManager was correctly creating an instance of a class which took a Zend\Http\Request object as a parameter to the constructor. The problem I ran into was that since the Zend MVC Application had been initialised from PHPUnit, it decided it was running in a console context and was using a Zend\Console\Request instead.

After a little bit of hunting around I came up with the following simple solution:
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Should you test private methods?

While trying to learn TDD I found myself asking this question fairly often. I’ve searched for the answer online many times and always got mixed responses. I have also devised many clever ways to try and test them and even ways to mock $this. However now I’ve got to a point where I’m confident I have a very valid answer to this question and I’m going to try to explain it here… Continue reading

Getting the ServiceManager into the test environment and Dependency Injection

So far I’ve got the basic idea of how to test a ZF2 Controller with PHPUnit. However I had problems testing all my actions that used the AlbumTable class to load data from the database because I had no access to the ServiceManager which is used to provide AlbumTable to the controller. Obviously solving this was my next step…
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Getting PHPUnit working with a Zend Framework 2 MVC application

Now that I’ve got a little MVC application up and running in Zend Framework 2 (see my previous post) I decided it was time to try and get PHPUnit to play with it. While I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to use ZF2 & PHPUnit together it’s certainly something not many people are talking about.

Here I will show how I bootstrapped PHPUnit with the Zend Framework. Continue reading