This blog is my journey with learning new programming skills, initially focused around Zend Framework 2 and PHPUnit.

The posts are not aimed to show the definitive way to do things but the methods I’ve tried to get the results I’m after. Many times I will find better/more correct ways after posting, in these cases I will add notes to the post to state the improved method so if you are using this blog as a learning reference please take note of these updates.

Also I hope some of the readers will show me the light in situations where I’ve done things in ways which are not preferable, modern or correct.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m currently looking into building a website using ZF2 and will probably need some assistance at some point and was therefore wondering, since your blog is focuses around ZF2 and PHPUnit which is something I value, whether you did consulting work, and if so, what your hourly rate was.

    Maxime Corbeau